Anonymous asked: Were does the name 'Gobosaurus' come from?


So once there was a little me, who just learned about the magic of paintchat. A friend of mine introduced me to iScribble and I couldn’t think of a username so my dear friend said I should go for “HomelessPerson” since that’s the path I was headed, which I did.

Way too long for people to call me, so everyone started to refer to me as “Hobo”. Now skip ahead a year of paintchat fun with my dear friend Woe as she made a typo during one of our legendary RP’s. And that is how “Gobo” was born as, obviously, it was no mere typo, but fate itself that had invested in her hand to dub me Gobo. Woe doesn’t make typo’s. From this point on no one was allowed to refer to me as anything else which was fine with me really. Even though she kept lengtening it to Gobo the Gobbling Turkey. So at some point she dragged me to the void of Tumblr where I, again, was in need of a username. Not wanting to step away from the Gobo thing Woe kept yelling at me how I should add Turkey behind it as those birds are pretty dang cool. But, dino’s are way cooler. So I made it into Gobosaurus which sounded pretty nice in my opinion and lo and behold! There I was!

So to summarize; I am a typo turkey dinosaur and it’s all woe’s fault.